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The Staff

Did you know? In Planetoid 3D you can create custom races!
If you feel creative you can send them to us and we will provide to share them with everyone!

News from Metalsoul Studios about this game:

New Website - 2014-06-20 09:31:57
I'm so glad to announce you that me and the Planetoid 5 Team just have put our new website online!
You can give it a look with the following link: http://the-planetoid-series.com

Enjoy and share, we have big plans for the future!

Huge News - 2014-05-01 11:22:31
Hello everyone!
Finally I managed to have a team to work with!
We are a bunch of really motivated people and we are definitely working on something BIG and SQUARED, for your eyes only!

Check out a few links:



We are also planning to move the entire website somewhere else so... keep an eye open!

Collaboration - 2013-08-18 21:24:54
There's the possibility for Planetoid 3D to continue being developed!
I am actually trying to find a few collaborators to make this project grow strong and healthy :P maybe Metalsoul Studios could have some new develpers, cross your fingers ;)

P3D 1.0.7 and other news - 2013-03-16 09:27:19
Today I've decided to release another little update for Planetoid 3D, the 1.0.7 version comes along with:
  • Custom race descriptions now respect "\\n" escape sequence
  • Camera movement sound now works properly
  • AI players will now recycle useless buildings when available keldanyum is low
  • Improved menu lobby performance
  • Corrected grammar in some building descriptions
  • Repetitive information messages now will not flash repeatedly
  • Slightly decreased solar panels power
  • Increased again starting available keldanyum
  • Fixed selling building with builder next to it bug (the player got money and the building wasn't destroyed!)
  • Decreased sun flares spawn rate
  • Asteroids will not leave more available keldanyum when they hit a planet (about 125-300 of keldanyum)

I'm also working with Unity on a new very cool project, it's my first game developed with other people and I'm really really excited, what is it?
Soon or later you'll see something ;) Have a good day!

Planetoid 3D Custom Race Winner - 2013-02-08 14:12:24
The poll for deciding the winners of the Planetoid 3D Custom Race Contest has finished!
Congratulations to Karhu05, Kerlc, Dude759, Shockerz, Caleb, Odi-696, Hotspot and Energywelder!

View the races and the prizes they won at http://planetoid3.tastyhamgames.com/index.php?topic=5818.60

Development Log

Any glitch or bug with the game?Want to contribute in the game development?
Tell us with and e-mail or visit the Planetoid 3D forums!!

Improvements in version 1.0.7
- Custom race descriptions now respect "\\n" escape sequence
- Camera movement sound now works properly
- AI players will now recycle useless buildings when available keldanyum is low
- Improved menu lobby performance
- Corrected grammar in some building descriptions
- Repetitive information messages now will not flash repeatedly
- Slightly decreased solar panels power
- Increased again starting available keldanyum
- Fixed selling building with builder next to it bug (the player got money and the building wasn't destroyed!)
- Decreased sun flares spawn rate
- Asteroids will not leave more available keldanyum when they hit a planet (about 125-300 of keldanyum)

1.0.7 update
Improvements in version 1.0.6
- Halved sun chance to spawn flares
- Planets hit by asteroids will gain some more available keldanyum
- Twicked planets available keldanyum amount
- Sun flares will spawn even with details set to Low
- Building circle for landed rockets is now correct
- Twicked AIPlayer spam abilities!

1.0.6 update
Improvements in version 1.0.5
- Planets too close to the sun will be damaged
- Added sun flares
- Sun flares will damage planets
- Planets texture slowly changes to the cracked one if they have low life!
- Twicked life of planets generated by black holes (it was too high)
- Changed asteroid texture
- Increased performance for particle systems!
- Improved lobby logic for saved games
- Planets have a limited amount of keldanyum

1.0.5 update
Improvements in version 1.0.4
- Increased game general performances
- Added various types of CPU (dumb, normal, challenging, hard) and can be selected from the lobby
- Improved hominid avoiding system (working better than ever!)
- Fixed building menu crashing when exiting the game while building
- Added a new button in the pause menu to end the game in every moment!
- Improved HUD performance code
- Introduced hominid abilities
- Fixed what's the time quest bug, it was not obtainable after 10 PM
- Added circles around structures when in building mode, these circles will show you where you can build
- Races can't spawn on moons anymore
- Fixed battle music continuing after game end
- Tweaked diplomacy interface now AI difficult and race ability are shown
- Resources maximum limit set to 99999
- Fixed buildings and trees slowly "slipping" on fast revolution planets
- Added new official race: Ubscur
- Custom race editing is now easier
- Improved trade system
- Fixed some tutorial glitches

- Added a new research: Gravitons
- Reduced boost given by researches

- Added a new building: Repulser, that is a planetary energy shield
- Added a new building: Reactor, this will produce a lot of energy but may explode
- Buildings under construction can be selected and managed
- Tweaked cost of buildings
- Fixed turrets head rotation and aiming, SAguns will not aim through the planet
- Hunters, schools and rockets keep the informations about the hominids they contain
- SAGun reload time tripled
- Increased minimum disance between buildings
- Decreased building speed bonus given by more hominids on the building site

- Only one draw call is necessary to draw all the asteroids in game, high performance!
- Tweaked asteroids belt distance from sun
- Increased number of asteroid spawned regularly
- The planetoid is now more affected by planets' gravity
- Black holes have a higher chance to spawn
- Black holes can turn into planets even without absorbing nothing, though this will take lot of time
- Planets orbit speed is in inverse propotion with distance from sun
- Tweaked planets spin speed
- Improved planetary re-orbiting system
- Now troglother asteroids, black holes and planetoids will spawn only after 3 minutes of gameplay

- Added soft cel-shading for asteroids, planets, trees and buildings
- Added correct LKE laser ray graphics, available with maximum details
- Hominids and planets information are now hidden by HUD panels
- Improved star field renderer
- Sun texture changed

Graviton Update
- Started working on a new important update!

- Improved camera movement, version 1.0.2 released!

- Fixed a bug which caused crash if a player launched a rocket towards the Planetoid, version 1.0.1 released!

- Fixed a little bug which caused the AI not to build anything.


Before Release
- Fixed troglothers movement.

- Fixed Save/Loading system erasing AI Players memory. (this was crazy)

- Hominids' object avoiding engine has been revised.

- Fixed planetoid disappearning bug.

- Fixed planet revolution speed causing buildings to slowly slide on the surface.

- Fixed hominids fly-to-death bug.

- Fixed battle music fading.

- Added red/green coloring for the building and researching cost, red if you cannot afford it, green otherwise.

- Fixed the Turbina's power, before this 1 Turbina could change the atmosphere of a planet with 3 trees, totally overpowered!

- Fixed battle priorities, now the hominids go rocking the nearest thing they see!

- Added new graphics for the extra and credits' artworks!

- Added a battle theme for more ambience during battles!

- Slightly modified researches and buildings costs.

- Added a "try-recover-corrupted-settings-file" code!

- Added support for all the screen resolutions!

- Improved saving/loading system for data and settings.

- Preparing the game for the official release on the website :)

- Fixed some bugs, started beta testing.

- Asteroid engine modified, now ALL the asteroids are affected by gravity.

- Added Trogloid asteroids, kind of comets containing troglothers.

- Added Extras contents unlockable with Quests, extras consist in pages about the Planetoid World. - Added Black Holes, asteroids and spaceships threats!

- Added a Radar System to talk with other races, still don't know if locking the radar to known planets

- Added Unlockable Races and Game Modes, and then?Oh you will see!

- Added Quests, these works like the Xbox 360 achievements and make the game a little bit challenging!

- Added "Troglother", the mother of the trogloid, this enemy looks like a chicken but it's deadly!

- Added "Trogloid", a parasitic race which plays against every player, watch out of fuchsia asteroids!

- Planetoid/Sun collision implementation has been completed, increased Green Sun attractive force.

- Added SAgun, Surface-To-Air turret to shot against enemy ships

- Added messaging controls to avoid hyper-speed cpu spamming (yes I received 100 simultaneously War Declaration during a game XD)

- Save/Load engine integrated with all new add-ons except sound, music state will not be saved.

- Hominid obstacle avoiding script re-done, more performance!

- AI diplomacy has been improved significatively, also managed multiple diplomacy events based on "The enemy of my enemy is my friend".

- Planetoid collision with sun now takes effect on the gameplay, this will replace the Sun Collapse event in Planetoid 2.

- Managed flash effects, for example when a planet explode.

- 3D Audio implemented in the audio engine!

- An audio engine has been added to the game, now the gameplay is much better!

- GUI has been added to provide a nice interface with the user.

- Save/Load system is now working correctly, the menu is almost finished.

- Researches have been added to the building system, now the AI must be recoded to implement a correct researches usage.

- Lens Flare have been added and coded properly.

- The game is being recoded, the whole internal architecture is being modified to improve general performances and code readibility!

- Diplomacy interface will use symbols (gestures) instead of text messages, this isn't confirmed though...

- Strategy Mode has been added, planets will turn dark gray if they are inhabitated, otherwise they'll have the color of the dominating race.

- A full working menu is being added and almost all the in-game music has been composed, visit Calestis Music for more information about Caelestis and his music!.

- Hominid specializations have been added and a school building is being coded, soldiers will deal extra damage to other hominids during brawls, pilots will increase spaceships movements ability and builders will be able to repair damaged buildings and deal extra damage to opponents buildings!.

- Hominids now avoid obstacles on their way and have a working anti-stuck engine which works as a collision system too!.

- Cpu controlled players are being added and researches are on the way.

- Recently a new building has been added, the Turbina, this building allows the player to change a planet's atmosphere to make it breathable from the player's race!

- Races which tolerate no atmosphere will not need to breathe but they will be threated by asteroids.

- Asteroids which enter in a planet gravity field get consumed if the planet has an atmosphere.

- A planetoid in collision with a sun turn the sun green, still don't know what the changes in the gameplay would be like.

- Rockets now avoid planets that are not the destination, though this action still has some glitches :P

- Now planets have 6 different types of atmosphere and each hominid race only tolerates one of them, the light atmosphere strategy used in Planetoid 2 is now a bit more complex!

- There will be the possibility of hominids with colored hats, each hat color will mean a different training for the hominid, such as: pilots, soldiers, builders and so on..

- The building system is now finished and the interface is almost done, it is very simple and intuitive.

- A fully working particle system has been added, low cpu usage and wonderful graphics results!

- First public screenshot of Planetoid 3D:

Started Game Development

Custom Races

Here you can find more custom races for Planetoid 3D!








Q: Will my computer run Planetoid 3D?
During the beta testing we had the chance to test the game on many computers, we will use the characteristics of the computer with the lowest profile as minimum characteristics required:
  • Windows XP SP3/Vista/7 32/64bit
  • Intel Core 2 @ 1.8Ghz
  • Intel GMA 3000 Graphics, 256MB
  • RAM DDR2 2GB (the game will use maximum 100Mb of memory)
  • About 100Mb hard disk space
An Internet connection is required to play this game, since it's needed both for the game registration and update.
Occasionally we observed a glitch about the internet connection, there's the possibilty of a crash if the game starts without an Internet connection, if this happens to you, we would be glad to know that :)

The game requires the .NET Framework 4.0 to run, the game installer will ask you to install this Framework, accept or the game will not start!
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Q: I've troubles with the game registration, what can I do?
If you bought the game, you should have received an email containing your registration email and your game registration code, if you didn't received any email try checking the undesired emails.

If you successfully registered the game but you had to format your computer or your settings file got corrupted, please send us an email with the data you used to buy the game.
The registration code allows you to register only one game.
For every trouble you are invited to contact us at support@metalsoulstudios.net!

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Q: Planetoid 3D crashes, what can I do?
Every time Planetoid 3D crashes, you are strongly recommended to send us details about the crash, Planetoid 3D is still a beta version and it needs help by everyone to be completed!
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Q: Planetoid 3D shows and error on startup, what can I do?
To succesfully install the game and prevent crashes, download the zip archive from the website, extract it and execute setup.exe!
This answer is in progress, we are adding solutions as the users found problems!
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Q: I've just bought the game but it crashes when I insert the activation code, what can I do??
When you buy the game, paypal will start processing your purchase and, depending on the traffic, it will take a few seconds or some minutes.
After paypal has correctly processed the data, it's time for our server to do the same, if you receive the email with the activation code but the game crashes after you inserted it, try again in some minutes, it's not up to us but to our server, so be patient :)
And remember to check the spam, some eletronic mail providers don't like our mails :\ If this problem persists even after a hour, contact us!

Q: The Planetoid 3D setup crashes, what is it?
If you want to install this game, be sure to have removed all its previous version installed, if you still get an error, please contact us and send us the error log given by the setup :)

Q: I tried to play Planetoid 3d offline and now an error comes out when I start it (application cannot be started, contact the vendor), what can I do?
Follow the next steps to have planetoid 3d fully functional again(and don't worry, your progress will be not loss :) ):
  1. Go to %Userprofile%\Documents (the documents folder) and make a security copy of the folder named "Planetoid 3D" that is inside.
  2. Go to the control panel. Then to the option programs and uninstall a program (or the equivalent of your operative system) and uninstall the program called "Planetoid 3D".
  3. Go to %Userprofile%\AppData\Local\Apps it sould be a folder called "2.0". Delete it.
  4. Delete the folder Planetoid 3D that you found in %Userprofile%\Documents (the documents folder). Be sure that you have made the security copy.
  5. Install another time Planetoid 3D. If you have lost the installer remember that you can download again from this page.
  6. In %Userprofile%\Documents (the documents folder) replace the new "Planetoid 3D" folder (it sould be created during the installation of the game) with the security copy.
  7. Run planetoid and kill all hominids as you can, or aliens, or zorguls, or... we are not racist. Or be their friend. But overall enjoy it.
(Solution provided by a fan of this videogame, thank you!)
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For any qestion, please read the FAQ or contact us at support@metalsoulstudios.net!
We strongly suggest you to read the FAQ before buying the game :)

Here is the link to the full game (you need the activation code to play).
Planetoid 3D
Buy a registration code to activate the game!
Buy it now, while the game is still in development and save money, it is only 4.99€!!

Or, if you prefer, download the demo and play, it's free but timed and outdated (version 1.0.4)!
Planetoid 3D Demo

A brief introduction to the Planetoid 3D Demo controls:
  • C and Left Mouse Button to pick up hominids!
  • X to view planets information.
  • B to toggle building menu.
  • S to toggle strategy mode.
  • D to toggle diplomacy panel.
  • H to enter hominidic view!
  • Stamp to acquire screenshots.
  • Building system supports the use of shift!

Registration Done!

You succesfully bought the game, please wait as we process your request, after that you should receive an email, if this doesn't happen contact us at support@metalsoulstudios.net!
Enjoy the game!
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